S-Coating 08 Sealant Dust & Control

What is S-Coating 08 ?

S-Coating 08 is a cutting-edge product resulting from the development and research to improve the quality of the road that is certainly able to save costs in workmanship and usage with a long period of time. S-Coating 08 unique soil lining coatings that can be worn using standard tools required for the topsoil of the ground path.

Characteristics of S-Coating 08 ?

S-Coating 08 is a natural bitumen emulsified with certain conditions combined with synthetic emulsion, where the unique properties of both of them complement each other. The good nature of natural bitumen is because of its durability in nature. Bitumen historically formed thousands / millions of years ago in nature which is a residue of petroleum. Because of the nature of the oil then he is not willing to mix with water so it can be calf to water and also flexible elastic. While the good nature of synthetic emulsion is made specifically by adding the catalyst into it is very strong binding to the grain of the soil, especially after the soil becomes dry will be stronger and not easily melt and more heat resistant, so with the combination of the two become more perfect and is particularly suitable for application in soil hardening and top coated soil roads.

Usage and Benefits of S-Coating 08

New Roads or Roads that Renovate

  1. Create a road layer (semi asphalt).

  2. Complete stabilization for the road sub-base.

  3. Increase the load-bearing power of all soil types.

  4. Additive material for repair of old asphalt road and top layer without heating required.

  5. "Fog-Sealing" ie as a primary layer or base before paving.


  1. Increase traction and prevent shifting.

  2. Reduces the release of gravel and surface material.

Parking Lot

Layer elasticity prevents rupture and degeneration of structures by preventing moisture from seeping

Storage Piles and Tailings Course

  1. Protects from moisture and freezing.

  2. Prevent the occurrence of oxidation and fire.

Layer Structure

Surface to be worked: S-Coating 08 can be used for all types of soil. When the surface layer has stabilized no longer required scarifying process. If there is a hole, wheel or loose traces, do the grading and compact lightly before the use of S-Coating 08. The slow traffic can still run at the time of execution.

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