S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression

S-Sealant 09 is a cutting-edge product resulting from the development and research to improve the quality of cost-effective roads. S-Sealant 09 can be used :

  • As top coating of a Road Base

  • As a complete stabilization of Road Base

  • Or combined with S-Base 07 to build a strong, weather-resistant upper layer.

Good infrastructure is needed by any activity, including in the mining process. This activity needs a vital means of mining roads for connectivity and transportation of minerals. Therefore, it is necessary to plan road hardening on important areas to connect offices, crushing plants, mineral processing, employee housing and other areas.

Basically the mine road planning and construction are almost the same as the other roads, only differently on the surface of roads or road surfaces that do not contain concrete or asphalt elements such as in city roads. The goal is that the ground path can be passed by heavy equipment and mechanical equipment using crawler tracks such as excavators, bulldozers, crawler rock drills (CRD), track loaders and more.

Pavement of mine roads is intended to increase the carrying capacity of the soil in order to support the vehicle with the above. Types of vehicles also vary based on the treatment and materials used. Factors influences in the form of traffic density, mechanical materials, soil physical properties and the carrying capacity of the soil itself. One of the most important things is the use of supporting mining pavement materials. The pavement material is a material used to coat the sub grade surface.


By using the application method S-Base 07 Soil Stabilizer can make the road more durable and strong. In addition to waterproof roads, it also increases soil CBR, reduces the plastic index on the ground, is easy to maintain, easy to use and applicable and environmentally friendly. So the dirt road without upper cover can remain durable even though rainfall is high enough.

For mining companies, road access becomes very important. The mine road serves as a hub for important locations, including mine sites with crushing plant areas, minerals processing, offices, employee housing and other places in the mining area. The main function of mining roads in general is to support the smooth operation of mining, especially in transportation activities. The heavy terrain contained along the mine road route must be overcome and not to mention the disruption of visibility due to dust.

Dust generated from the activities of mining activities either sourced from the area of ​​stokpile, haul road or pit area, can be minimized by doing dust control. The method is to spray S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression which has been mixed with water, the liquid will bind the dust particles become heavier so it is not easily carried away by the wind and increase the aggregate surface that has been applied. S-sealant watering 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression will be able to reduce the dusty road and effectively replace the conventional way that is only done with water watering only and this is done repeatedly 1 day can be up to 10 times watering by using S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression can save watering time 5-6 times watering in 1 day even if routine (more or less within 1 week) done watering will be reduced to 1-2 times watering in 1 day to next. S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression-based polymers that can bind dust particles and increase the weight of the bonded particles so it is very effective to reduce the formation of dust on unpaved soil. S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression can also bind the soil structure and form a stable layer on the road surface. The tensile strength of the bonded soil can increase up to 10 times. Thus S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression can reduce the problem on the contour of slippery soil in the rainy season.

S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression becomes a solution to overcome the problem of visibility, health problems, even helping companies in saving on road maintenance costs.

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