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Fluid that serves as a stabilizer of dirt roads or ground pavement. Resistant to suitable weather changes applied to the basic structure of the road either without the top cover layer or with the top cover layer.

Unique soil lining coatings can be worn using standard roadmaking equipment. Our product is suitable to be applied as top coated for various condition such as: Parking Area, Residential Road, Storages Piles, and others.

The top coating fluid that serves to create a strong layer by cementing the material off from the base of the road into a solid structure. Main function as Dust Control and Reduced Dust. Through research and development that has been done so easy to use and very effective.

* For packaging and product labels at any time subject to change

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PT. Deocon Indonesia manufacturer's and distributes cheap, effective, and environmentally friendly soil stabilizer / road soil stabilization products. Applications of our products can be done on base course layer and surface course layer.

We have now developed a method of soil pavement and ground cover coating under the trademark name S-Base 07 Soil Stabilizer, S-Coating 08 Sealant Dust & Control and S-Sealant 09 Dust Control & Dust Suppression, which is currently used by Private Companies, SOEs and Communities in the territory of Indonesia.


We offer a roadmap solution with a top or no top cover layer by way of chemical path stabilization using proven products and continuous development and research. Here's an easy, cheap and durable solution to your soil road conditions.

With the slogan "Making Unpaved or Paved Road Better" we try to give the best in every road application that we do.

We are Professional, Friendly & Reliable Service.



Our clients come from several oil palm plantation companies, mining companies, new road opening contractors, and some other companies that use our products in their work environment.



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Specialist in Soil Stabilization, Dust Control & Dust Suppression Solutions

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