S-Base 07 Soil Stabilizer

What is S-Base 07?


One of the advantages of S-Base 07 is to save costs. You will save as much as + 50% by using S-Base 07, compared to the other soil stabilization. It's about + 5 times cheaper per M2 when compared to other soil stabilization products. With this highly competitive price, you can buy excellent products that provide significant reductions in road maintenance and repairs. Because basically S-Base 07 is a soil stabilizer / soil pavement containing concentrate.



Characteristics of S-Base 07

The application of S-Base 07 is environmentally friendly and safe. S-Base 07 is not a path stabilization fluid such as cement or lime that tends to be very dusty and harmful to equipment, plants, animals, and humans. S-Base 07 contains no acid or corrosive substances such as sulfates, nor does it contain explosives. The S-Base 07 chemical mixture completely prevents equipment corrosion and is harmless when applied to the road. S-Base 07 does not require special procedures or handlers and is easy to apply with common road construction equipment.



S-Base 07, Product Quality & Quality Reduce Plasticity Index:

Consists of colloidal materials bonded together during the process of pooling soil particles, creating a larger particle size that contributes to a decrease in the plasticity index.



Reduction of Permeability Coefficients:


Through our research reveals that when S-Base 07 reaches the maximum level of viscosity, colloid soles produce polymerized gels. The result is creating a strong bond and the road base becomes impermeable, preventing capillary action from mixing with water.



Capacity CBR:

Compaction and binding create greater land carrying capacity.

S-Base 07 For Road Without Upper Cover Or With Upper Cover Layer

S-Base 07 does not replace the need for asphalt or concrete on the road layer. The road surface layer of concrete or asphalt also requires a strong base structure.


The basic structure of the road built with S-Base 07 provides:

  1. Strong carrying capacity, strong basic structure.

  2. More economical, minimize the use of road covering material (asphalt / concrete), or do not use the cover layer at all.

  3. Can be used for all types of soils.


Pavement Layer Structure

  1. Basic Subsoil (Sub-Grade), Basal Soil Layer is a soil layer that serves as a place of laying pavement layer and supports pavement construction on it.

  2. Bottom Base Layer (Sub-Base), The bottom foundation layer is a pavement layer located above the basecoat and below the top foundation layer.

  3. Base-Course, The top foundation layer is a pavement layer located between the bottom layer and the surface layer. In this case S-Base 07 becomes the upper layer layer that is strong enough and durable so it can withstand wheel loads.

S-Base 07 is also effectively used for the construction, repair, rehabilitation of roads without or with upper cover layer, such as:

  • Road connecting villages and provincial roads.

  • Road operational in mining areas or oil fields.

  • Roads of oil palm plantations and other plantation roads (Main Road, Production, Collection).

  • The basic foundation road of housing.

  • Basic air strip ground plane.

  • Roads in tourist areas or historic areas where road construction is made natural.

  • Parking lot, Coal stockpile, Warehouse etc.

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